Gratitude 2017

The holiday season is here and we want to dedicate this week's blog to how we're doing with our purpose of living simply and generously.

Our home is alive with activity. Extra servings of delicious holiday foods? Check. Time off from work? C-H-E-C-K. Hosting friends and family on the eve of parenthood? Uhhh, check! The holidays bring space and joy into our lives. But sometimes we lose track of this and fill this time with shopping, traffic and more extracurricular activities. Suddenly the holidays are stressful!

Creating and building our private lending business was a call to action to invest in a decluttered and simple way of life - a financially free life where we have more, especially time and knowledge, to share willingly with others. We invite our family and friends to join us on investing and creating their own lasting legacy. As you join us, here's a quick progress report on where we are with our purpose and where we want to be:

Share life with family and friends

Kiri and I hit a rough patch with some family members and it's been a challenge; life happens to us all. We are working to rebuild these relationships as we also focus on strengthening others. This Thanksgiving, we filled our house to capacity with family and friends to begin the healing process; definitely steps in the right direction.

Share practical financial and real estate knowledge

I've been hosting a real estate meetup (all are welcome) for the last 10 months, sharing knowledge and experience on alternative investments. It's grown to almost 200 members in such a short time that Kiri and I are now planning to launch additional products and services through KPI Lending to better share practical financial and real estate knowledge. Stay tuned! Follow us on Facebook to hear more news from us!

Share opportunities to support our communities

Kiri and I diversified quite a bit and some examples are: We began volunteering at church with the toddlers in preparation for our soon-to-be bundle of joy. We started supporting friends who are dedicating their lives to missionary work. I raised $5,000 for Multiple Sclerosis and Renewable World (a charity that tackles poverty through renewable energy) by logging over 1,000 miles on my bicycle, resulting in over 60,000 calories burned. We have more plans for giving back in 2018 but if you have ideas on how to leverage our time, resources, knowledge, etc., please reach out.

Kiri and I are full of gratitude for 2017 and everything we have been blessed with in our lives - the good, the bad and the ugly all alike. We love this short Youtube video about gratitude and abundance and would like to share it with all of you.

"Abundance is not something that external things come TO you that make you abundant. Abundance is the energy that flows OUT of you, out of the being, of who you are, into this world." - Eckert Tolle

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