September Recap of Real Estate Investor Meetups

Quick highlights for September:

- Continued to update spreadsheet of real estate meetings in the Bay Area that are the most active. If interested, please shoot an email to for your free copy.

- When and who should buy in the San Francisco Bay area

- to visually see where a farmed list is located

- When and how to invest in storage units

So what do other Bay area real estate meetings have to offer?

I began exploring other real estate Meetups around the Bay to:

1. Learn how to improve our Meetup

2. Help others identify quality Meetups to meet their needs

3. Expand our network and identify key resources for our group

1. Silicon Valley Real Estate Seminars

Focuses upon renters who are looking to buy a personal residence in Silicon Valley.

- Cost: FREE

- When: Ad hoc

- Location: Bank of America Home Loans in Palo Alto

- Average group attending: 40-50 people

- Meetup group subscription: 600 students

- Host: Avi Urban of The Urban Group (Keller Williams)


- In depth charts, graphs and analysis to illustrate why the four counties of the San Francisco Bay Area, aka the Silicon Valley are currently NOT in a bubble.

- Describes the economies that drive the SV real estate market and how he monitors current status of SV real estate.

- Delicious food to snack upon during the presentation. :-)

- High tech: uses voting to gauge audience participation.

Avi recommends buying in SV if...

- Your point of view on the economy is positive for the next 6-18 months and you plan to live in SV for 3-5 years.

- Confident in your job security and can make monthly payments while having a comfortable lifestyle.

- Medium to high risk tolerance.

- Have down payment AND plenty of reserves.


- Long presentation (3+ hours) but made better with the snacks (I love food).

2. Bay Area Wealth Builders

Well organized REIA in Corte Madera that charges a fee but makes up for it with great content and quality of attending investors.

- Cost: $25 per meeting

- When: 3rd Thur of every month, 7 - 9 pm

- Location: Best Western Corte Madera Inn

- Average group attending: 20-30 people

- Meetup group subscription: 950+ members

- Host: Michael Morrongiello


- Good for both new and seasoned investors.

- Those with a pitch are time blocked to 30 seconds.

- Experienced investors place their business cards and flyers on the back table for newbies to network with at their own pace (i.e. great for introverts or the shy).

- Lots of content and information this month (i.e. in-depth market analysis, trends, how to identify distressed properties).


- Selling real estate seminars from the gurus.

- Long distance for those from south bay areas.

Multiple presenters:

Tom Wilson and the state of the economy

- Class A multifamily permit applications reduced by 24.7% since 2016.

- Black Swan (i.e. unpredictable economic) events such as hurricanes tend to create real estate bubbles short-term then return to prior long-term trends.

- Is SV in a bubble? Thousands of submarkets and many are "out of phase". Per Fannie Mae's Doug Duncan, "this is the third-longest economic expansion ever, and at some point they all end."

- What to invest in today? Senior housing and industrial triple net long-term leases (Santa Clara warehousing currently at 1% vacancy).

Michael Morrongiello on finding deals:

- Top 10 list for finding distressed properties.

- visualizes the list(s) created.

3. The Bay Area Private Money For Real Estate Investors

Largest private lending meetup in the Bay that attracts those with money, those who want money and those providing services to real estate investors.

- Cost: FREE

- When: 2nd Tues of every month, 7 - 9pm

- Location: Harry's Hofbrau House (390 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose)

- Average group attending: 50-60 people

- Meetup group subscription: 3,090+ members

- Host: Tom Braeglemann (private lender/ fund manager/ author/ podcaster)


- Large group that introduces themselves.

- Diverse group to network with from wholesalers, architects, teachers and more.

- Diverse topics include private lending as well as crowdfunding, syndications to even self-confidence.


- Microphone is passed around the large group which takes 20-30 minutes.

- Long commute for those further north in the bay.

4. Virtual Investors Group (VIG)

Networking event (with free pizza and drink to help with the socializing) before the one hour presentation of the night. Then on to the bar for more socializing just a block away.

- Cost: FREE

- When: Last Thur of every month, 7 - 9pm

- Location: RE Max/ Futura (1010 Valencia Street, San Francisco)

- Average group attending: 50-60 people

- Meetup group subscription: 1,100+ members

- Host: Ryder Meehan and Chris V.


- Free food.

- Networking time is great to find mentors, partners and deals.

- Speaker list is well-diversified in real estate topics.


- Crowded so get there early for a seat.

- Street parking is difficult (parking structure across the street for less than $10).

Storage units by Bill Bellomy

- Keys to storage? Demographics, physical occupancy, economic occupany, expense ratio between 40-45%

- Compared against investing in garages? Ride sharing will put the pressure on.

- Compared to industrial storage? Fewer tenants means larger hit to NOI, i.e. more risk.

How do we compare to others?

Real Estate Investor Meetup (San Mateo)

Small mastermind like group, discussions that get all involved, welcoming to experienced and new investors for building trust and relationships.

- Cost: FREE

- When: Every month on a Wednesday, 7 - 8pm + networking after

- Location: Bobabia in downtown San Mateo

- Average group attending: 8-12 people

- Meetup group subscription: 150+ members

- Host: Kevin Peterson (private lender)


- Mastermind group with years of experience rehabbing, developing, landlording and private lending.

- If you have questions, we have answers (or can get answers).

- It's a small group so you can get involved and contribute.

- Deal making is welcome.


- The group is growing and seating is becoming limited. If you RSVP, please be sure to attend.

- Flexible agenda may make it difficult to plan which meetings to attend.

Topics covered in our meeting this month:

- Would you invest in Houston after the hurricane? Why or why not?

- What is the historical real estate market trend in a disaster area?

- What factors are others watching for the SV bubble?

- If you could be an employee, self employed, business owner or investor, which would you prefer and why?

We had many great discussions by a highly intelligent group of real estate agents, private lenders, landlords, commercial brokers and developers. Come to our next to get the details, learn, share and grow.

Happy investing,

Kevin + Kiri

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