The First Of Many Blogs

Welcome to my first blog. Feedback is welcome (and encouraged!) in order that I make these more useful (and fun) for both of us.

You may know me as the cousin who has been flying all over the world for the last 15 years, or the friend who has been difficult to find on Facebook since he started private lending, or perhaps the son who works in management and technology consulting yet you still have no idea what that means (I love you mom and dad).

I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2001 and joined a Global 100 company that is among the top five consulting firms in the world. To this day, I still work for them; talk about loyalty! I give 110% to everything I do, which sometimes results in 80 hour work weeks, 100 mile bike rides, or closing a real estate deal.

What else do you need to know about me?

  • I have been investing in real estate for over 13 years throughout the U.S.

  • I have seen the good and the bad in real estate, which I'll expand upon in later blogs.

  • I cherish my family and friends.

Look forward to seeing you around.

-Kevin Peterson

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